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Exciting Things to Do on A Costa Maya, Mexico Trip
Costa Maya Mexico is one of the most popular and prominent cruise ports in the world today and apart from being the home of ancient astrologers, Mayans also believe that life began on 11th Aug 3114 BC which makes the date so important in the history and culture of the port in the long run. Based on the number of visitors that the part receives year in year out, it is undeniably true that it is one of the most diverse ones in the western Caribbean today. For the first time visitors wondering where this cruise port is located, it is not just small in size and popular for the Mayan ruins but found in the Yucatan peninsula on the southern part of Playa del Carmen near Belize. In 2001, the cruise port underwent a significant transformation that made it a cruise ship destination before being rebuilt in 2007 to rectify the damages of the devastating hurricane Dean. For those that may be looking for a holiday destination, they should try out this cruise port as it offers countless amazing things that they can take part in either alone or in the company of family and friends some of which are discussed below.

One of the first and most significant things that someone can do when they visit Costa Maya Mexico is to relax at the port all thanks to its blissful and modern tropical village design. There are so many crucial amenities that are offered at the port that one can enjoy ranging from artisan markets, swim-up bars, shopping plaza, and restaurants among many others featured by the 3 saltwater pools. While this activity is the best on days when guests do not feel like leaving the port, it is also vital to note that there are also free shuttle buses that carry people free of charge to and fro the port in cases where they need to visit nearby destinations. There is also so much entertainment at the port all thanks to the Mayan energetic drum beats and music presented by the Senor Frog’s restaurant as well as the Carlos and Charlies where people relax by the saltwater pools and enjoy Italian/Mexican dishes. When talking about great tunes at the cruise port, the Mexican mariachis also come to play a crucial role in the experience that visitors have as well. Without leaving the port, it is still possible to go snorkeling and swimming with dolphins which end up exciting for most people in the long run as well. There are so many convenient ways that people can move around the port which include renting bicycles and golf carts.

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